Steampunk Canada

Tie up Your Dirigible and Visit for a Spell


Tie up your dirigible and visit for a spell!

Steampunks across Canada, this place is for you. Come and share information, events, stories and ideas.

Place your calling card on the platter and make yourself at home.

 STEAMPUNK CANADA wants to hear from all of  YOU

Steampunks across Canada I want news from your local groups, I want photos from your latest event or creation, I want your articles, stories and posts about anything related to steampunk and/or steampunk in Canada that you would like to share with our community and the world.

Simply email me at your idea and/or story. You will, of course, be given full credit for anything you contribute. If I post it in our News section you'll get a Steampunk Canada button as well!

Help me keep our community alive and vibrant. Help it grow and shine, and be a Splendid example of what we're made of.


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